«Angelic beauty with a hint of provocation»: The «Euphoria» actress showed what high fashion looked like

It is impossible to take our eyes off this angelic beauty, the star of «Euphoria» 😍

S. Sweeney showed what high fashion should actually look like with her gorgeous and sophisticated look. Her stunning appearance made the outstanding actress one of the main stars at the festival.

She was in a glamorous white dress with a pastel-blue Mui Mui bra and with a hint of provocation.

Her elegant platform heels with silver chains gave her, even more, charm and femininity. Her delicate makeup and luxurious engagement ring weren’t unnoticed as well. Her gorgeous hair was gently styled and slightly waved.

It is worth mentioning that the iconic star came hand-in-hand with her fiancé at the Film Festival. What concerns the man, he was dressed in a beige sweater and black pants. His perfectly-polished leather shoes became the perfect complement.

«Sydney is still over the moon following her recent engagement to Jonathan .. It was an incredibly private proposal, and she had no inkling it was on the cards», shared the insider of E! News.

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