«From a tattooed girl into a fabulous cutie»: The before-and-after photos of this unusual girl left everyone speechless

This is what a cutie is hiding behind this non-standard girl with tattoos and piercings

Here is Izzy Gonzalez who daily catches hundreds of terrified and judging looks whenever she appears in public. Her distinct appearance with 31 tattoos, piercings and brightly-colored hair is appreciated by far not everyone.

Everything radically changed when stylists offered her to entirely change her image and alter her beyond recognition. They did everything to hide her tattoos and removed all the piercings. Instead of her grunge-styled clothes, she wore a feminine dress.

Instead of her colorful hair, she now saw herself with gorgeous blond hair with delicate waves and could hardly recognize herself in the mirror. As a result, a pierced girl has changed into a cutie from fairy tales.

Do you think she looks better before or after the transformation?

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