This Rescued Cute Seal Found a Toy That is the Mini Version of Himself and the Cutie Now Can’t Help Hugging It

A seal found a toy-friend that is the exact mini version of him

Both animals and humans like to express their love, care and compassion through giving a hug. Animals like humans have friends and have a strong connection with each other and these loyal friends may even be stuffed animals who make them extremely happy.

No one could imagine how a seal and the mini stuffed toy of himself could become real friends and  a real tourist attraction as well  in the region of Hokkaido, Japan.

The cute seal became a little depressed after changing his environment and the specialists created the identical mini version of himself in the form of a stuffed animal who became the cutie’s best friend. They say the couple of inseparable beat friends win the hearts of hundreds of visitors.

Luckily, someone could capture this unforgettable moment on the camera when the cute seal hugs his best friends and shows his endless love and affection towards himself! 

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