Heartwarming Tale: Disabled Puppy Finds Hope and Happiness Despite Challenges

Unable to see the world, but with a gentle soul 🐶🥹

Once a family spotted a box on the doorstep of their house. Inside it there was a sweet puppy. But he was helpless as he has no eyes and was very weak. The family immediately called the Dogs and Cats of Antigua and asked them for help.

They named him Faith and took him to a vet at once. The sweet canine stayed under the strong care of the skilled staff, each day becoming healthier and stronger.

Although Faith is disabled, he has a great personality. He is very friendly and sociable. He enjoys making new companions with almost everyone.

Faith feels great surrounded by kindhearted volunteers. He doesn’t see around, but has a gentle soul. He understands everything and does what his humans say.

Now the staff is looking for an appropriate family for Faith. We hope that he will be adopted by loving owners, who will give him much love and attention.

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