The abandoned puppy still trusts people and tries to attract attention with his cute gesture  

He gets a lot of cuddles, but it’s not enough

This sweet canine needs humans’ care and support, but he hasn’t found his true happiness yet.

When his photo was posted on social media, it went viral. He was abandoned by his owners at the supermarket gate and now he is looking for a loving family, who will make him forget his difficult past and will fill his life with love and happiness.

Many people are excited by the scene mostly for his sweet action. He is waving at each person passing by his side. He wants to attract their attention.

Some passers-by stop to pet him, while others just pass by his side without paying attention to him.

Some people even spend much time with him and continue their way.

His eyes express sadness, but he never loses his hope of being adopted.

Although he gets a lot of cuddles, he is still in the same place.

It’s terrible to see that these poor creatures appear in such awful conditions due to humans’ actions. Dogs are our loyal friends and they don’t deserve it.

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