It seemed that this little squirrel’s life would end there, but he met his savior  

He knew that the baby needed him…

It’s so nice to see that our world is full of kind people who don’t hesitate to help those who are in need. Allen Pursley is such a kindhearted person, who became a savior for a baby squirrel, whom he found in a forest under a tree. The poor creature had fallen from the tree and had been injured.

The baby needed quick help and Allen hurried to take him to a vet for checkup and treatment.

Since then they built a very strong bond and became inseparable. There’s no doubt that the squirrel would stay with Allen, because they were strongly connected to each other and couldn’t live separately.

Allen began to work from home to take care of the baby and stay by his side all day long.

The little creature’s condition was becoming better day by day.

He named the squirrel Rocky and made him a full member of his family.

Of course, the man would never return the baby to the wild, because he was domesticated and couldn’t live alone outside.

The other pets of the family welcomed their new sibling with happiness.

It has passed two years, but they are still together.

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