“Let’s go home” A girl who was never loved by animals turned to a street cat. And she dutifully stomped after her

For some reasons, Varya was not liked by animals since childhood. Neither dogs, let alone the cats. It came to tears. Even the little kitten, whom Varya brought home from the bus stop at the age of nine, immediately admitted Varina’s mother as his owner. And he approached the girl herself only on major holidays, although she never offended him.

In the company of dogs and cats, too, animals approached to everyone, but not to Varya. At first, the girl was worried about this: “I’m not such a good person if animals avoid me.” Then she  got used to it somehow – and, probably, it would be a great surprise if a cat or a dog came up to her first.

At twenty-three, Varya became the happy owner of a one-room apartment. Actually , a mortgage, but what can you do about it?

Before that, the girl had never lived alone: the ​​first place was the parental house, then the dormitory. In general, it was somehow uncomfortable for her to live alone. And it’s not even about everyday problems, but about loneliness. Coming home after work to a place where there was not even anyone to exchange a few words was a little depressing. The husband could correct the situation, but she would not marry the first person he meets just because it’s boring at home?

That evening, Varya was returning home when it was dark, carefully stepping over the March puddles. However, it did not help much: the boots were completely wet. For some moments, Varya remembered how she took the cat home when the weather was the same as that day. The cat was naturally black, but in addition, it was stained with mud. While they were at the door of the apartment, he smudged the girl’s entire jacket.

“My mother was angry then!  But  then she adopted the kitten. So he went after her until the old ages of hers. ”

From these thoughts she was distracted by looking at the creature’s green eyes, closely following Varya. A black-and-white cat, not very clean, watched attentively as Varya was carefully walking around the next puddle.

The girl looked at the cat and the cat looked at the girl. And not just interested, but almost mockingly. But at the same time with great hope.

– I have nothing to feed you, – said Varya, looking directly at the cat. – But if you come with me, we will find something for you at home. It’s not far, just the neighboring yard.

The cat was silent – but as soon as Varya walked away, she ran after her. They carefully avoided the puddles together until they were in front of the front door.

– I just have to warn you that for some reasons cats don’t like me, – Varya said seriously.

The cat only listened without showing any emotion – she obviously did not care about such trifles. It seemed like that the cat thought that people do not really like her either, otherwise she would not be on the street.

Varya’s water procedures took ten minutes, but washing the cat took almost an hour. The little pet behaved herself very well and did not even bite. And for this she was rewarded with a homemade cutlet. After a hearty supper, she decided to make a bed for the night behind an armchair.

– I thought you’d at least come up to me, – Varya reacted a little capriciously, making the bed. – Well, okay, get used to it.

And already in the morning the girl woke up for the first time in her life from an unusual soft heaviness on her chest. The cat has already completely got used to it – and now it has come to its owner to express all the accumulated gratitude …

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