A sweet kitty, who has a special love for sweets and cakes

The kitty was given a cake for his birthday

Sometimes the best things are created when you mix two things, in this story it is a cat and a cake. People love them both almost equally and it will be an adorable thing to give a kitten a cake for his birthday. The results will touch your heart.

So adorable!

Cats couldn’t taste or smell sugar, but if they eat large quantities of it, it will cause many problems for them. And the same is true for ice cream.

Amazingly cute little kitty!

We want to remind our cat owners once more, that sweets are not good for your animals, because we couldn’t know the real ingredients of the cake. Maybe these cakes were made with products safe for kittens.

Cats are allowed to eat cakes, but not chocolate cakes and in very small quantities. But it would be good if they don’t eat it. There are many ingredients in the cake, that are not allowed for your kitty. You can give your kitty a fruit instead of a cake.

We hope it was a safe cake for the kitty.

It was the cat’s 17th birthday and he looks healthy.

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