This zebra and the rhino understood each other’s pain and something special arose between them  

They suit each other perfectly

Daisy, a baby rhinoceros and Modjadji, a sweet zebra, met in the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary for the first time and it became fatal for both of them.

Daisy was found in a terrible condition completely helpless and defenseless. After his birth he was abandoned and had to struggle for life.

Luckily, the staff of the sanctuary took him and provided him with everything he needed. After a short time, the change was already noticeable. He began to feel better and happier.

Then Modjadji was brought to the sanctuary, whose condition was also poor. At that time he was just a few days old, but thanks to the people’s care and support, he recovered.

These two adorable creatures befriended and became inseparable friends. It seemed they understood each other’s pain and wanted to support each other.

Now they are together all day and night. Having such a loyal friendship is one of the most important things in the world.

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