«From cinematography to a mental hospital»: This is how Wendy Torrance from «The Shining» looks and lives today

You will be left speechless when you see what happened to «The Shining» star

Having a cherished dream of becoming a specialist in science, Sh. Duvall has become a successful and popular film star after her appearance in «The Shining». Currently, the woman is already 73 and has changed beyond recognition.

Due to her brilliant role in a horror movie, she gained overall fame and recognition entering the history of cinematography. However, it was also her drizzling career that deteriorated her mental health.

Cooperating with S. Kubrick was a real torture for the actress.

J. Nicholson, her partner, later recalled that the director was especially strict with her constantly judging and intensively criticizing her. He ordered to reshoot of many parts imposing the actors and actresses to experience real negative emotions.

As a result, her health condition worsened and once she showed the director the bunch of hair that fell off because of the stress she experienced.

She disappeared from the screens for many years and later admitted that she suffered from a mental disorder and was even kept in a psychiatric hospital.

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