This generous retired man spends his pension money to open a sanctuary in his backyard and then starts a fundraising project

A bighearted man uses his retirement money to rescue and nurse over 60 000 animals

While many people somehow stay indifferent towards the animals who now face big threats and dangers, some people are determined to even share their last piece of bread to save and protect them. One of those generous people is Geoff Grewcock whose unconditional love towards the animals is something out of this world. All his life, the bighearted man has nursed more than 62 000 animals. He gently took care of all of them becoming an exemplary animal lover. And now, he is eager to spend all his pension money for donations for animals.

In 2001, the heroic man turned his yard into a wildlife sanctuary in which hundreds of endangered and defenseless animals received proper care and love. It was a precious help for them to be able to be released to the wild.

The man is absolutely happy that he managed to find a way to give a helping hand to such animals that are mostly neglected and ignored by others.

Now, his sanctuary includes dozens of foxes, deer, owls and a badger. He also explained that having a deed with animal cruelty is the most challenging and difficult.

All the animals there luckily get along well with each other, for instance, an injured blind fox who was taken there now is a friend of a deer and they share an incredible and indivisible bond between each other.

The warmhearted man has lately started a fundraising project and every animal lover can donate even the smallest sum of money which will obviously be useful and essential for such animals.

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