The bride will take the old woman to the nursing home, but the car took them to an unknown direction

Unluckily, in many cases, the lives of older people do not go well.

They were abandoned by people for whom they were once ready for anything. There is a woman named Maria. She was sitting at home when the bride suddenly came back and said:

“Pack your things, we need to go somewhere”

“Where are we going?” But there was no response. When Maria’s son passed away too early, she began to feel worthless.

In order to have money for her son’s cure, she sold the flat and moved to the bride’s house, which her parents gave her and where her son’s family once lived.

But neither money, medicine, nor cure saved the life of her only son. Since then, Maria has lived in the bride’s house, and she had nowhere else to go. But she knew that sooner or later she would have to leave.

“Let’s go back to Mariamik now?” Maria asked despondently.

“Surely, the bride was stunned by her question.”

All the way Maria was restless, and could not find a place for herself. She clutched a bag with some things to her chest and prayed nonstop that they would not appear in a nursing home.

After half an hour, they reached a small country close to the city. The daughter-in-law took her mother-in-law by the hand and supported her out of the car.

To her surprise, it was not a nursing home, but a small mansion.

It turned out that the bride made a decision to please her mother-in-law a little on the birthday of her deceased husband.

“I sold our flat, I purchased this for you. My husband has frequently said that he has the desire to give you the house you have always dreamed of. But he didn’t make it. Currently, I’m doing it for him”

Mariamik will get married in 2 months, I bought myself a one-room flat, why do I need a big house?

I promise to call on you frequently don’t think I won’t forget you. I see that you do not feel free in my presence. Live quietly.

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