This domesticated penguin was taught how to go to the market and buy fish by himself  

It’s something you’ve probably never seen in your entire life

People keep different types of animals in their homes, some of which can even seem strange to us. But seeing a family who kept a penguin as a pet is something extraordinary, which you’ve probably never seen.

Lala, a rescued penguin, spent many unforgettable moments with his Japanese family. No one believed in it until journalists recorded something astonishing.

Everything happened in 1996 and at that time this sweet creature was 10 years old.

The family always took the penguin to the market with them, but then they decided to train him to go to buy fish by himself, and they succeeded.

Have you ever seen a penguin carrying a backpack on its back? Probably not, because it’s something special.

The family had found him injured and helpless and after saving him, made him a lovely member of their family.

Although now Lala is not alive, he will stay in his owners’ hearts forever.

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