The Story of Jessie the Wild Kitten Who Was Raised Among People

The appropriate place for wild animals is in nature but sometimes it happens that the life of a cub of a wild animal is in the hands of a person. This happened to a kitten a kitty whose mother unsuccessfully made a nest in an abandoned iron carriage. When the car was transported to another place for the repair the mother of the manulion was frightened and she fled into the forest.

The kitten was left alone but after two days kind people took him home and the kid got into the family of a kind and caring couple.

The kitten was dehydrated so at first the cutie was fed from a syringe and little by little she switched to milk.

Gradually Jessie learned to suck from a baby’s nipple herself.

After eating her tummy was massaged as a mother cat does it in nature.

After recovering, the kitten began to eat a special mixture and she received fresh meat at the age of 1.5 months.

Jessie the cutie quickly got used to the house. She learned to climb onto the sofa herself and go to sleep in the “den” at night.

The nest of the little catty was carried into the hall during the day then it was replaced to the bedroom in the evening.

At the age of a month and a half Jessie’s eyes changed from blue to yellow.

And the expression on her face has become more severe.

We need to teach the cat to live in the wild. At first she was afraid a little bit and she constantly ran up to het “foster parents” but then she got used to it.


Jessie the catty was very fond of sharpening her claws. But manuls have large and sharp claws and even at the age of one month the cuties don’t know how to hide them.

When Jessie pushed or pulled her hands with a bottle of milk there were also scratches.

The cat Martha was the first to “accept” Jessie and let her sleep next to her in the armchair.

Jessie the cutie only accepted affection from her “adoptive mother”.

The older Jessie became, the more she became wild and preferred solitude. She stopped sleeping with her “parents” and she more and more often sat by the window watching the life on the street.

She asked for food very politely. For instance, when she heard that something was being taken out of the refrigerator she ran, stood on her hind legs begging to share a piece of meat.

When she was 4 months old Jessie had few walks around her house.

Jessie didn’t dare to go beyond the fence because she was still feeling affection for the “family” and she also remained curious and playful.

She chose to live free.

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