The poor dog was forbidden to fly with his owner

An unusual situation happened during a flight 

In comparison to his friends the young person was overweight. The girl named her new friend Puppy. She perfectly cared for the new pet.

But when it was time for the girl to go back to the United States, things soon changed for worse. And also the airline, that flew the aircraft prohibited to transfer dogs.

Puppy must stay. But the story’s ending isn’t bad. But as such situations rarely happen the organisation for the protection of animals took responsibility for it.

The dog was immediately taken to the temporary shelter, while all the paperwork was done for it so that he was able to fly.

And also the company took all the financial responsibility. They were successful.

The dog went on other aircraft. We are thankful for the kind and caring people, who helped to solve the problem.

What an amazing situation. We are generous for all the people, who helped.

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