The Woman Didn’t Close the Door of the Car, and a Minute Later She Found a Dog in the Back Seat

Michelle Hennessy has just finished feeding her parrots. The woman didn’t close the car door while she was washing the plates for the birds and pouring water into their bowls. Her friend lived next door, and Michelle was sure that she wasn’t at home and there was no one in her yard either.

But how wrong she was!

The woman had already got into the car when she noticed that she had left the container on the grass. Michelle jumped out of the car, grabbed it and was about to put the container in the back seat when she noticed that a passenger was already sitting there!

It was a dog which was sitting calmly in the car, and its face was beaming with joy. It confidently looked at Michelle and wagged its tail. The woman recognized the animal. The dog’s name was Molly, which lives next door with the owners.

It turns out that the pet adores its neighbor and often runs out to say hello to her when she is feeding her parrots. So this time the dog heard Michelle’s voice, saw the open door to the car, and decided to take a ride.

The pet feels that its neighbor loves animals, so it always craves its attention. The dog tried to sneak away into a car with Michelle several times. In addition, Molly always demands to scratch its belly when it sees the woman.

This time Molly hoped that it was safely hidden in the car and the neighbor wouldn’t notice her. The dog expected to go for a ride, but it was caught. The doggy looked at Michelle in embarrassment, wagging its tail, but it had to get out of the car and go home.

Maybe next time the doggy’s plan will work?

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