The sweet deer was trying to say something to the man: it warmed his heart  

Its nice sounds gave the scene an even bigger glow

Each of us can find any animal in our neighborhood, but mostly it’s a dog or a cat. Seeing a deer in front of your door is something special and not everybody can have such a big opportunity to enjoy not only its presence, but also its pleasant sound.

Corey of Maple Ridge is lucky enough to encounter this case. He heard some strange sounds and when he went out, found something amazing in his yard. It’s a cute deer, who was looking at him with his kind eyes.

After a while, the sweet animal began to talk with the man, but unfortunately it’s incomprehensible. However, the man was sure that it was saying nice words to him.

Its sounds warmed the man’s heart and he hurried to record the scene. Later when the video was shared on social media, it excited a great number of netizens and collected millions of views.

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