20-Year-Old Puppy and Stuffed Toy are Inseparable: Heartwarming Bond Goes Viral

The stuffed toy and the puppy are almost inseparable  🤗🥹

Everyone, regardless of their age wants to have a good time. And this dog proves it every day as she enjoys playing with her beloved toy.

The elderly puppy is named Tessa and she is performing the same things she did as a puppy. She still protects her family and couldn’t stop cuddling with her plush banana toy. She enjoys playing with the toy and refuses to swap it for something.

From the time she was first given the toy they were almost inseparable. Her owner told, that Tessa adores the toy more than anything else. The owner also told, that she had seen it in a pet store and realized it was the same size as her other toys. The puppy immediately liked the banana.

And when they have guests the owner shows them the toy to make them happy for a moment.

She told, that the puppy puts her toy on the bed and wants people to say something. She then carries on kissing her beloved toy.

They ask all their guests to show they have seen the banana to make him feel relaxed. She didn’t consider it is a toy.

Although she is already 20 years old, she is still a puppy in her heart.

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