Adorable: Koala Joey Snuggles with Mom During Surgery, Steals Hearts of Clinic Staff

What a cute scene! 🥹🥲

Meet Phantom, a six months old sweet koala, who didn’t leave his mother’s side even when she was in the surgery process.

When his mother Lizzy was hit by a car in Australia, she was taken to a vet clinic in terrible condition. The skilled staff did their best to save her life, because she had serious injuries and needed quick surgery.

Because her baby was too small to stay alone, they had to keep him by his mother’s side during the surgery. It would be better both for him and his mom.

The sweet creatures strongly hugged his mother during the process as if he wanted to comfort her in such a difficult condition.

The little koala just wanted to know that everything with his mother was ok.

After the surgery the staff had to keep the baby away from his mother for a while, so they decided to put him in a purse, where he would feel safe and protected.

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