«All we see is skin and bones!»: The recent appearance of actress Theron became the subject of heated discussions

Theron surprised the fans by getting her blond hair back and losing a lot of weight 😳🧐

These days, one of the most charming, outstanding and prominent movie stars has been caught in California by paparazzi. Judging by her appearance, many started to worry about her health. She has got her blond hair back and lost a lot of weight.

It is worth mentioning that for over two years she had been a brunette and suddenly here she is with blond hair. According to some psychologists, being lonely and craving for finding love made her return to her «hotter» image.

What concerns her body shape, she has gained weight and lost it many times throughout her life. And now, she has lost weight giving her fans reasons for worrying about her. Believe it or not, she is 177 cm tall and weighs only 55 kg.

It should be mentioned that she was seen with a man last month and it was actually her first appearance with a representative of the opposite sex since 2015. The whole thing is that she couldn’t get over her breakup from S. Penn for a long time.

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