«Thanks God she doesn’t take after her mother!»: This is what actress De Palma’s daughter looks like

Here is what a cutie the unusually beautiful Spanish actress’s daughter has become 🥹🥰

One of the most non-standard Spanish actresses is, undoubtedly, R. De Palma, who is distinguished by her unusual beauty and extraordinary appearance. Her unique beauty and charisma made her one of the most actively discussed and in-demand stars.

However, far not everyone appreciates and «understands» her beauty being quick to harshly criticize her for being different. She often receives negative feedback and unpleasant comments.

Few may know that the film star has two children, a daughter and a son. Her heir is involved in music and her heiress decided to follow in her mother’s career footsteps. After their joint photos, many wrote that she, luckily, didn’t look like her mother.

Some netizens found her lucky as she didn’t take after her mother thinking that she inherited her father’s appearance who, judging by her appearance, is a nice and handsome man.

Yet, there were also those who were surprised by the fact that she didn’t look like her mother at all which raised some questions.

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