Capturing the Unusual: Wildlife Photographer’s Encounter with a Confident Barn Owl

 What an unusual creature!  🥹🤗

Thanks to Hannie Heere now we have an opportunity to enjoy this adorable scene. She is a photographer and is mostly focused on wildlife photography. She enjoys to photograph interesting scenes of animals and then share them with her followers.

Once when she came across this unique creature she hurried to capture it, making everyone amazed. Although she has seen a lot of wonderful creatures during her practice, it made her moveless.

It was a small barn owl, who was running in a field. Luckily, the woman managed to catch it on time, because it lasted only for a few seconds, then the cutie disappeared.

It’s obvious that the little creature was very confident in itself and wasn’t afraid of anything, because the woman was only a few metres away from it.

When the scene was posted on the internet, it attracted thousands of people from all over the world and became a sensation.

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