«Kim Kardashian is better». Cardi B’s bold photos, which highlight her striking features, leave the audience in awe  

She received a lot of criticism and displeasure from netizens 😱😳

Cardi B, known for her bold photos, doesn’t stop amazing fans with her eye-catching figure and stunning outfits. Even many draw comparisons between her and Kim Kardashian, saying that her figure looks a lot like that of Kim.

In her recent photos she is wearing quite daring clothes, which highlight her features and wonderful figure. There’s no need to say how much fans were impressed by her and how she was liked by her audience.

Of course not everyone shares the same opinion that she looks great, and there are those who just don’t like the way she appears in public and claims that there’s nothing beautiful on her appearance.

Do you know her and what can you say about her look?

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