Labrador’s charming attempt to convince owner to keep new friend

The funny situation happened with a friendly puppy and his owner 🥹🥰

Dogs usually are very sociable and friendly animals and they will befriend everyone in the neighborhood. But everything would get harder if they began bringing home their new friends. Such story happened with a puppy from the Netherlands, who considered introducing his new friend to his owner. The owner of the puppy managed to capture the sweet moment on video, although he wasn’t so amazed by it.

The adorable video captured a sweet Labrador, who brought his new friend to visit his owner. The puppy went for a walk around the family’s farm and considered bringing a new friend with him. It was a sweet cow.

The two friends were patiently sitting and waiting for the owner to open the door. And when the puppy sees her he immediately starts to wag his tail, as he wanted to persuade her to allow the new friend to stay with them. But the video showed, that the woman refused even to listen to it. She strongly said no. We aren’t going to have guests. And when the baby cow understands she isn’t allowed to stay she was so embarrassed.

We can consider from the woman’s reaction, that it wasn’t the first time her puppy bring someone home.  The video was very short and we couldn’t understand if the puppy was able to persuade his owner to allow his new friend cow home. But one thing is real, that the puppy is one of the friendliest puppies I have ever seen.

Just look at their funny video.

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