The boy was worried about the lost dog, and his mother made him a surprise. He’s in tears and so will you

Get out your handkerchiefs, now there will be a touching and kind story about a boy, his parents and a tailed surprise from which he child couldn’t hold back tears. In general, we have warned you. An now everyone is in order. The Licata family lives in Byron (USA) and they had a pug dog named Piper. As April Elizabeth Licata writes on her Facebook, mother, the dog is 2 years old, and it was presented for the 12th birthday of her son Carter. Only the trouble is-on November 18, Piper disappeared.  

A pug named Piper is a favourite of the family 

 April told, that everyone loved Piper, but they had special relationships with Carter, just love at first sight. On November 18 the woman let the dog out to use the bathroom, and when she opened the door to let him back in, Piper was seen nowhere.  

The disappearance of Piper was a real tragedy  

 On November 19, the mother of the family published a post on Facebook with a request to help find Piper.  

All the family missed the dog too much. Oldest kids Carter and Natalie didn’t want to decorate  the Christmas tree, and Thanksgiving became the worst day of their life. But at the beginning of December April received a message from the GenesseCounty AnimalShelter. She was informed, that a dog similar to Piper has been picked up and taken to the shelter. And yes, it really was her! When April and her husband knew this wonderful news, Carter and Natalie were out of town, and they decided ti keep quiet for a while and surprise the boy. Meanwhile, Piper walked around the house looking for her friend.  

When the dog was found, Carter was given a surprise. The boy left school and … 

He simply couldn’t stop crying! 

It’s very touching  

The video of reunion: 

Carter was very worried about Piper’s absence, and now they are happy and together. A real miracle on the Christmas eve!

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