Despite the wrinkles on her face, 60-year-old Jodie Foster looks young and nice

She takes her age in stride 😊🥰

A few years ago, when Jodie Foster appeared on the red carpet, her fans were surprised by her appearance. She looked older due to the wrinkles on her face and much weight.

But recently paparazzi captured her while walking with her son. At that that time the actress looked younger than she did on the red carpet. No one knows how the star overcame her age defects, but one thing is clear: she has become more beautiful.

The actress is already 60, but she looks much younger despite the wrinkles on her face. However she accepts her age calmly and doesn’t worry about it.

There are many critics who think her age is noticeable and she doesn’t look as attractive as before. But it doesn’t upset her and she continues to show off her natural beauty to her audience.

What do you think of her appearance? Does she look younger or not?

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