«Her cleavage drives everyone crazy!»: The stunning look of Debicki on the red carpet deserves special attention

The star who played Princess Diana dazzles everyone with her iconic scarlet dress 🥹😍

One of the attenders at the Awards became acclaimed and very successful actress E. Debicki. Her delicate and, at the same time, provocative appearance impressed absolutely everyone.

She made a fantastic appearance at the Awards. The bold scarlet dress the star of «The Crown» appeared in captured everyone’s attention. Her risky neckline and cleavage to the navel made a real splash.

One explanation for this may be her choice to look like the late Princess she portrayed. She was probably inspired by the legendary woman and her love for this very color.

Her delicate makeup, golden jewelry and curls complemented her image. She seemed to blend with the carpet and dazzled everyone there with her rare beauty and elegance.

«Attention! The queen is here», «Don’t you think it is a little bit too much?», «Her beauty drives me crazy», «With a hint of provocation!».

For the movie, the team won the prestigious award from «Costumes for Films and Television» category.


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