A Pawsome Friendship: How a Husky and a Kitty Became Inseparable Best Friends

The puppy and a new kitty soon became best of friends  🐶❤️🐱

The husky named Katmai was the only pet in the house and his life was about him. His humans absolutely adored him and showered him with love and affection. He was often taken on long walks in the countryside, the thing all dogs adore.

His owners Zari and Lorea wanted to show their puppy, that he was adored by them and he was a full family member.

As Zari and Lorea didn’t have any other pets it was easy for them to give their full attention to Katmai. But their life changed after a kitty named Yoyo appeared in their lives.

Katmai was happy as he had a new playmate, but also he understood very well, that his life wouldn’t be all about him. From that time his owners must show the same amount of love and attention to Yoyo and it was hard for Katmai to get used to this fact.

But after a week they became best friends. They started doing everything together and their owners understood it was their best decision to take Yoyo.

The pair enjoyed sunbathing on the porch and they do it whenever the weather allows.

Although they are absolutely different they became the best friends. With the arrival of Yoyo Katmai became even more confident and playful, so his owners did the right thing.

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