The man saved a dog, not knowing that he saved not only one, but many lives

The entire dog family got a new safe life!

When Ema, a cute and friendly dog, was brought to the shelter, Nikolas fell in love with her at once and hurried to save her.

He took the dog home and began to carefully took care of her, because she was in a terrible condition and needed human love and support.

After a short time, it turned out that the dog was pregnant. It surprised the owner a lot, however he was ready to look after her pups, too.

So it was time to buy all the necessary items for the dog’s family, such as special food, toys, beds and so on. Nikolas organised this with his wife and they provided Ema with everything she needed.

Soon she gave birth to six adorable puppies and they all were completely healthy.

Now both the mother and her babies are safe and protected under the strong care of the couple. When the pups become old enough, they will be put for adoption. As for Ema, she will stay with her loving owners till the end of her life.

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