A Touch of Kindness: A Brave Encounter with a Bear Cub in Need

She risked her life to save others 🥲🥹

It was a nice summer morning, when a woman was excited by the birds’ sound and decided to walk to the near pond and have a rest there.

To reach the pond, she had to pass through a small forest which was famous with its bears.

After walking for a while, she spotted a mother bear cuddling her cub. Although seeing a bear wasn’t an unusual thing in their area, they are wild, so she must keep a distance.

But a few seconds later, she spotted that the paw of the bear cub was injured with a big splinter, so it needed help.

The kind woman approached at once and removed the splinter and tied its little paw.

During the whole process the mother bear was looking at them carefully and luckily she didn’t attack the woman.

Her action was really heroic, because not everyone could dare to come closer to such wild animals.

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