The Power of Love: Pudding’s Journey to a New Life of Happiness

His eyes were expressing gratitude! 🐈🥹

This little creature was found in the basement of a kind man’s house. He was only two days old, all alone and defenseless. When the man discovered him there, he was sure that his mother was nearby, so he did his best to find her, but failed.

So he called a rescue group and asked them to help him to search for the kitten’s mother.

Because the little animal was a newborn, he first needed milk. The caring man fed him with milk from a syringe, then took him to a safe and warm place.

The sweetie was named Pudding and continued to live under the strong care of his new owner. The man even had to wake up every two hours at night to feed him, because the kitten was weak and needed to gain weight.

After two weeks, the change was already noticeable. The adorable kitten was already strong and even he opened his eyes widely. He was looking at the man with gratitude.

Although the poor kitten’s mother was not found, he got a new happy life under the care of the kind man, who provided him with everything he needed.

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