Sometimes a saber-toothed tiger is taken for a walk through the streets of Los Angeles

Pedestrians on Wilshire Boulevard are almost used to the fact that on some fine day a very, very big kitty can come out of  the corner.  But for the guests of the city this sight is amazing – a huge beast with impressive fangs, without a muzzle and a collar!  It’s okay, this is just an animatronic monster from Page Museum.

The animal does not bite, but they do not want to let the robot go for a walk alone.  Firstly, it is a valuable and expensive robot   that skillfully imitates the behavior of a real predator.  Secondly, when the animal passes, everyone runs to take a selfie with a saber-tooth, most of all they pull the tail.

Initially, the robot was created as an exhibit of the interactive exhibition La Brea Tar Pits.  But then its creators decided that it was not enough to make an impression only within the walls of the museum.  And they went out with the “kitten” to the streets of a big city.  After all, it’s one thing to watch pictures or cartoons about monsters of the Ice Age, and quite another one to contemplate the monstrous fangs practically near your face.

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