An adorable fluffy baby. The dog changed a lot thanks to love and care 

The foster owner helped the puppy recover her health 🐕🥰

A woman named Deta found a small puppy on the streets of Indonesia she performed everything to help the puppy. But as she didn’t have anything besides a rain poncho, she was forced to rescue the puppy in an unusual way, she just cuddled it in her jacket.

Then she places him in a cardboard box and called the nearby shelter. She named the sweet puppy beauty and took her to the local vet for an examination and there she was diagnosed with scabies.

They aren’t deadly, but very painful and she must have some treatment to get. Deta got her treatment and considered looking after her.

Beauty was scared at first and it took her some time to get used to her new surroundings. At first Deta was sad because didn’t show any signs of calming down. She was in a bad way and didn’t trust humans at all.

And Deta considered becoming a foster mother for the puppy and took her home as she started responding to her treatment. She got the treatment and her health improved a lot, but she was still scared of the whole experience of being rescued.

And only after a few days Beauty became used to her new place. She started playing with Deta’s other dogs and she became unbelievably happy for it. She wasn’t confident, that she would see any improvement with Beauty and she was happy, that the puppy began showing out of her shell.

After three months Beauty was already a healthy puppy. And it became so thanks to Deta’s care and love and also her other puppies, as they helped Beauty get out of her shell.

Deta wanted to find Beauty a loving home and owners with the help of the Internet. And she found Antel, who was the perfect owner for Beauty.

The video shows, that Beauty is now a happy and healthy puppy with a huge transformation.

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