Jennifer Lopez Sparks Debate with Makeup Video: Fans Divided on Use of Filters, Some Argue for Natural Beauty

Her makeup-free face has sparked debate among fans 🧐🤔

53-year-old Jennifer Lopez remains many people’s favorite thanks to her beauty and charm. Although many think that she uses Photoshop in her photos, she is always in her form.

The other day, the star shared a video on her Instagram page, where she showed the process of her daily makeup. At the beginning of the video, her face is completely natural, but later she uses different cosmetics to show off her daily makeup.

Her post has sparked discussions among her 244 million followers. They voiced their opinions in the comments, and of course, they were mixed opinions about her use of filters in the video.

Many criticized her for using filters while recording the video, while others were sure that she fully showed her natural beauty.

What’s your opinion about the video? Have you watched it?

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