«Plays the cello and drives a car without hands!»: This armless girl shows her boyfriend who loves her no matter what

When this girl with special needs showed her boyfriend, everyone was left speechless 😳❤️

Here is Inga Petri who has gained popularity and overall recognition with her absolutely unique appearance. She has become famous for playing the cello, driving a car and doing absolutely everything without hands.

When the world heard about her incredible story, everyone started to sincerely admire her unwavering determination and strong willpower.

Even if she is armless and needs for help and special care, she has found the love of her whole life. She showed her boyfriend who loves her endlessly and unconditionally.

Some even compared her to Venus de Milo. There were some haters and ill-wishers too who claimed that it would be extremely hard to be with her and create a family.

Overall, the positive opinions prevailed. Here is the beautiful couple!

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