The little horse lacked playmates due to his mother’s overprotective nature

Adorable dogs considered to console the lonely horse and befriended him

A tiny horse named Troll didn’t have any friends because of his mother’s overprotective nature. But thanks to the sanctuary dogs everything changed. Troll’s mother was so much worried for him.

The proprietor of the sanctuary told, that when other animals tried to smell or connect with the horse the mother appeared our of nowhere and forced them to go. Troll was leftover and had no mother to protect him. And he also lacked playmates.

Daily he rushed around the property trying to talk to someone, but to no effect. The sanctuary’s owner told, that it was a stressing sight.

Happily the sheepdogs and golden retrievers living on the horse ranch considered to help the lonely animal.

When they first met the horse was scared. He became used to them after some time and started playing and running with them.

And over time other horses understood they could approach Troll as his mother was not by his side. And so he befriended with the dogs and his relatives.

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