«Looks are nothing when love is unconditional!»: Here is what this obese woman looks like in her wedding gown

You will not believe your eyes when you see whom this 600-pound woman married 🤔

Everyone probably knows Tammy Slayton and Emmy Slayton who became overall-known stars in the popular reality show «1000 Pounds Sisters». The show was about the lives of two desperate girls who were struggling with extra weight.

In order to lose weight, become the best versions of themselves and to receive international support, the sisters showed the entire world the way they lived. For several seasons they were struggling with overcoming their addictions to food.

Of the two sisters, Emmy achieved great success since she lost much weight and was operated on for the same purpose.

Believe it or not, they both were 275 kg at the beginning of the show. Unlike her sibling, Tammy gained even more weight and almost reached 300 kg. She was sent to an Ohio medical center where obese individuals were treated.

She is still receiving special care, yet is truly happy for her sister’s accomplishments. It was actually in the hospital where she met her future husband. He soon proposed to her and their wedding photos quickly became the subject of discussions.

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