Embracing Black Bears: A Woman’s Extraordinary Connection with a Wild Family in Her Backyard

All the animals deserve human love and attention  🐻😀

Many people would be frightened if a black bear family regularly visited their backyard. But a woman named Amy was overjoyed, that the family loved her garden.

Amy considered adding some things in her garden in order the bears could play on, instead of chasing them away. Every day Amy would leave some surprises out for them to see their reaction.

The bears liked to play in the bath water left out for them and also with toys.

Amy saw them playing with a ball and other things she thought a crazy thing. She considered buying a hammock and see their respond to it.

But she considered this not all of a sudden. A few years ago there was a hammock in her yard and a little bear jumped on it and broke. They weren’t at all annoyed, they liked it and were intrigued.

So she considered to but them a new one. The photos capture, that the bears were in love with the hammock. They swing on it just like humans and seemed to like the fact, that they fall to the ground and must pick themselves up again.

Sitting and watching the bears shows how they are often misunderstood. They only want to have fun and enjoy their life. Amy’s kindness and patience demonstrates, that every animal deserves human love and affection.

She didn’t scare them away from her garden, but gave them love and attention. Great job, Amy and thanks for the sweet video.

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