Heartwarming Tale: Rescued Great Dane Overcomes Separation Anxiety with the Help of Foster Sister

The kind owner rescued the puppy from the shelter and gave him another chance 🥹🤗

When Jordan took Tofu from the local animal shelter she was told, that he had a really bad separation anxiety. He was always next to his owner from the first day and didn’t want to be separated from her.

Tofu is an absolutely beautiful white Great Dane, but at first, he was very thin and skinny and also unhealthy. He was underweight and also partially deaf and blind, which made him difficult to get used to his new surroundings.

The first days were difficult for the puppy, as he couldn’t interact with any other member of the family. He only laid there calmly most of the day without showing his happiness in the new house.

But after some time Tofu became best friends with Jordan’s other Great Dane named Zoot. She has security cameras in the house and when he goes out she can always check what her dogs are doing.

She saw, that Tofu cries and barks most of the time hoping the owner would come back. Zoot sat patiently next to Tofu waiting for him to calm down.

And after he stops barking the awesome thing happens.

Zoot goes to Tofu and lies down next to him. She puts her head lm his back reassuring him he wasn’t alone or abandoned. And the two dogs would lie like that until their owner’s come back.

She wanted to foster Tofu herself, but she realized she didn’t have space for another big Great Dane in the house. She did everything to find a loving family for the puppy.

A sweet and loving family took him and renamed Yeti. He is absolutely happy with his new family. Thanks to his foster sister’s love and affection Tofu now has a wonderful and happy life.

And also thanks to Jordan for rescuing the puppy and giving him another chance.

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