Rescued Feline Defies Age and Captures Hearts: A Tale of Love and Longevity

This is how the world’s oldest cat lives!  🐱🤗

Natmeg the sweet catty was saved by a kind-hearted couple. After passing through some examination, it turned out that he was about 5 years old, so the couple decided to make the day of his rescue his birthday.

They closely related to the cat and became inseparable.

The owners claim that their pet runs an active lifestyle. Each morning at 5 o’clock he wakes up his owners and asks for some food.

The cutie is now 31 years old and after making all the documents, he will be considered the oldest cat in the world.

Although Natmeg is old enough, he is very active and energetic. He enjoys to spend much time in the yard or have a nice walk with his owners.

He feels great and doesn’t have any serious illness. His human parents are very caring and attentive towards him.

They are happy to have such an adorable pet at home.

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