Unlikely Patron of the Sea: Clever Sea Lion Discovers Fish Market, Wins Hearts and Challenges Norms

A remarkable sight. A sea lion went out of the water as he learned about a fish market on the beach 🦭🥹

At first, the story sounds like the joke picked out of a Christmas cracker.

But it is a true story.

A sea lion from South America learned about a fish market next to the store and he considered going there on his own. The sweet video captured the adorable sea lion patiently waiting next to the worker, who sorted through the fish and hoped to get some fish.

One of the workers gave him a fish and he liked the generosity of a man and considered to follow him to get another fish.

The story appeared to be completely normal, as the workers were doing their work and the sea lion was just sitting next to them waiting for his fish.

It was similar to when a sweet puppy was waiting for his owner to feed him, but there’s a hungry and excited sea lion.

There are many people gathered to witness the amazing sight and when the video was over we are sure the sea lion remained there.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he returned back to the water and brought his friends with him the next day. Sea lions are spending most of their time hunting for food and its better to stand in line at a buffet and wait for the meal.

The fishermen hoped, that it wouldn’t become a usual thing for them. They don’t want the lions to take all their catch.

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