Heartwarming Story of Unlikely Friendship: Vietnamese Potbellied Pig Bonds with Five Puppies

True friendship doesn’t have boundaries 

This story is about true affection.

The Vietnamese potbellied pig named Chowder has very unique friendship. The pig lives with five puppies named Rika, Slick, Nya, James and Bashe and his owner named Shelby Madere.

We all know puppies are perfect pets, but Chowder shows he can also become like this.

Pigs are very smart and lively animals and especially Vietnamese potbellied pigs, who adore being cuddled.

Chowder doesn’t like when the difference between their species is seen, so he often plays with them in the yard and also wears marching collars.

They’re clearly sweet and there couldn’t have been another perfect family for the pig.

Just adorable!

These animals are the perfect example of brotherly love.

He appears to be smiling.

They are all so fortunate!

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