Neighbor’s Cat Becomes Girl’s Loyal Companion: Heartwarming Tale of Feline Support and Unexpected Acts of Kindness

He knows how to comfort his neighbor  🐱❤️

This girl has only one supporter, and it’s the neighbor’s cat, who always comes and sits on her lap, when sees she is on her balcony.

Every evening the girl enjoys to breath fresh air on her balcony and the neighbor’s cat doesn’t leave her alone and always makes her happy with his presence.

One day when the girl was upset and was crying on the balcony because of an unsolved problem at work, the catty came again and jumped into her arms, trying to make her calmer. A few minutes later, he went back. The girl was surprised, but after a few seconds he returned with a piece of sausage in his mouth. He took it to the girl, thinking that it would help her forget her problems.

It really entertained her and she stopped crying.

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