Hilarious Cat’s Face Says It All: Discovering a Sneaky Opossum Enjoying His Food Leaves Feline in Disbelief!

The incredible moment was captured by the owner  😀🙃

Just imagine when you come home after a long busy day and expect to eat your delicious food, but you face something else: someone has already eaten or is eating your own food. What would you do? Maybe you will get the same facial expression as this poor cat.

It seemed to be an ordinary winter day for this catty, who approached his bowl to taste his food, but came across something awful. It was a little opossum, who had come before him and was nearly finishing his food.

The poor catty was really upset what he saw and you can guess it from his facial expression, which is really funny.

He turned to his owner in the hope of getting support, but seeing that his human was laughing and even recording the moment, he turned his head again in despair.

As for the little opossum, he didn’t have any intention to leave without eating till the end.

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