Bear’s Human-Like Rendezvous: Unusual Sight of Relaxing Bear Captured in Dump

Bears are much like humans  🐻😀

A woman named Mandy Stantic went to the garbage dump in Northern Manitoba when she saw an unusual and interesting scene. She immediately took her camera to capture the amazing moment.

A bear was chilling out on a leftover sofa like a human.

Although it was a usual thing to see bears in the dump, but it was a new thing to see him relaxing in such a way.

He seemed like a human, his one leg was crossed over the other and he put his arm on the armrest.

And also there was a leftover TV beside him and he planned to watch it.

And it would be perfect for him to have a remote control in his other hand or a glass of wine.

All the people, who saw the photos considered he was relaxing after the big meal.

The bear appeared to be full of food and climbed up on the couch to make himself comfortable.

And almost it is the best feeling to sink down on the sofa after having a good meal. Bears are very much similar to humans.

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