From a cutie into a «failed» Barbie: This is how the Bulgarian-borne girl with a series of surgeries looked like before

The archive photos of this girl with lots of surgeries amazed absolutely everyone 😱😳

In today’s reality, a great number of not only women, but also men undergo plastic surgeries and beauty procedures in pursuit of a perfect appearance that corresponds to today’s beauty standards.

Meet Andrea from Bulgaria who, for the sake of a «Barbie» face, has undergone several surgeries.

As a result, she transformed herself into an artificial doll. To say that she previously possessed angelic beauty is actually nothing to say. Yet, her wish to look like Barbie prevailed and she soon become unstoppable.


Her lips underwent augmentation and started to look extremely big. She has already gone too far, whereas has no plans to stop yet. It became her life goal and she kept prioritizing her desires and hidden wishes.

Of course, it is her body and she is the one who is responsible for and decides what to do with it and we are no one to judge her.

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