«Her dissatisfaction is valid». Victoria Beckham openly expressed her displeasure with her son’s choice of partner  

Maybe she is dressed too boldly!  😳🧐

Victoria Beckham has repeatedly spoken about the choice of her son’s partner, expressing her negative opinion about her. She never hides her dissatisfaction with his girlfriend, but tries to control her feelings for the sake of her heir.

Recently, the couple appeared in public together, which caused discussions among netizens. The reason was his partner’s outfit, which was quite bold. It’s probably the main reason of Victoria’s such negative behavior because everyone was shocked by his not so understandable image.

Of course, the opinions of the fans were different. Many expressed their admiration for the couple’s warm relationship and romance, while others agreed with her mother-in-law’s opinion.

What do you think about them? Do you like them as a couple?

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