Puppy Reunites with Family Thanks to TV Broadcast: Lost Dog’s Love for Watching TV Leads to Heartwarming Reunion

The television played an important role in the puppy’s life  🐶🥹

A lost dog was able to discover his family after hearing about them on TV. Usually, dogs don’t like watching TV, but this puppy’s love for watching TV returned him home.

The puppy named Tabitha became lost around the beginning of September 2015 in Missouri. She went out with her owner named Alfred Schaefer, who had an Alzheimer disease.

The man’s wife searched for them, but she was able to find only her husband without the puppy.

After their little puppy got lost they put up posters around the city to find some hints about the location of their dog.

The Schaefer’s couldn’t imagine, that the puppy was already taken by a family, that wanted to find his real owners. He was safe and sound.

The couple and their puppy were able to meet after they requested a TV channel to broadcast their story on TV.

They didn’t have an idea, that Tabitha was watching the news with her rescuers and was very interested in the news, especially those, that was about her.

After the couple appeared on TV Tabitha became completely happy. Her rescuers understood, that her name was Tabitha after she eagerly waged her tail after hearing the name. They considered calling the owners to inform they had found Tabitha.

Kelly told, that they were seriously worried, but after she was found they were overjoyed.

It became clear, that Tabitha adores watching television, which played an important role in her life.

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