A Proven Method to Save a Christmas Tree from Pets

It is simply impossible to do without a decorated Christmas tree and festive decorations on the New Year’s Eve but you must admit that this situation becomes much more complicated if you have a catty in your house. These fluffy pranksters have long been famous for their desire to knock down a tree and spoil it as quickly as possible.

Some people just started placing the tree at a high place so that the cuties couldn’t touch it or some owners buy a small artificial version of the tree and fixe it trying to protect it from cats. But we all know perfectly well that people’s efforts can’t always be justified!

In fact just a few cat lovers were able to really stop a pet from ruining the main decoration of the house. But one girl suggested a very interesting life hack which is distinguished by a minimum financial investment and as it turned out it is highly efficient!


Irene Oloko never worried about the safety of her tree previously until a handsome creature named Victor appeared in the girl’s house. And before the cat didn’t always miss the opportunity to harm the tree or the toys that are placed on it until the moment when Irene fell ill and the doctors didn’t recommend the girl to use more citrus fruits.

One day Irene realized that her pet didn’t like tangerines too much. She put them in some of the places where Victor spent most of his time and the woman suddenly noticed that he had changed all his favorite places. It became clear that Victor hates tangerines!

Then Irene realized that the victory was on her side and she simply built an original barrier out of tangerines for her catty. It should be mentioned that it was quite unpretentious so the tangerines that were on the floor and even around the tree successfully complemented the atmosphere of the holiday. But Victor himself was dissatisfied because he couldn’t spoil the trees anymore every New Year!

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