«Amazing generosity.» The dog shows absolute affection towards the left-alone chimpanzees

Would you be so generous and give someone a second chance?  🐶❤️🐒

Jenny and Jimmy Desmond met a puppy named Princesa and she seeing how kind she was towards the chimps, that had lost their family they immediately fell in love with her.

Princesa is so generous and loving, that she wants everyone to have a second chance at life and does all the possible things to help these poor animals. The puppy was rescued from the shelter when she was just a year old.

After meeting Desmonds Princesa showed a lot of interest in them and wanted them to adopt her. She does everything to attract their attention and finally she managed to make it happen.

The Desmond family also considered traveling to ten various nations to help other animals in need.

The Desmonds and also other rescue organizations learned about leftover chimpanzees.

It was clear, that they saved the poor animals’ lives, as they came at the right time.

The Desmond family together with Princesa went to Liberia to save such animals in need of medical care and assistance, especially those, that became the victims of illegal hunting.

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